Tips 6-10 For Dieting

6. Be sure and get protein on every plate. Protein helps to give you a full feeling and it’s also helpful in burning fat. Protein is another plus in your diet, as it works to curb your appetite right when you need it most – during mealtime.

7. Try spices instead of salt and butter. Too much salt isn’t good for anyone, but it’s particularly troublesome to a person trying to lose weight and the same can be said of butter. Experiment with spices until you find a combo that’s healthy for you and suits your fancy. This will help you stick to your diet, while still enjoying food.

8. Actually weigh your food before putting it on your plate. You’d be surprised how small some of the recommended portions actually are. Weighing, versus estimating, will keep your calorie-counting much more accurate.

9. Get your family in on your plan. If you live with other people and you really need to stick to a diet, ask them to change their eating habits right along with you. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted by cheeseburgers and cheesecake – when all you have on your plate is a small salad with no dressing…

10. Weigh-in once a week. Doctors recommend weighing yourself every week, but no more so. This is the healthiest way to track your progress without obsessing.


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